Farm Shop

We sell a range of all our produce here, with our home made venison sausages and burgers alongside roasting joints, succulent steaks, and tender diced venison – perfect for casserole.
We have a small team of friendly staff who will be able to offer advice on what you need and the best way to cook our fabulous meat. As well as venison, we offer a wide range of feathered and smaller game which come in various forms from oven ready to pre-stuffed and rolled. If we haven’t got what you are looking for, or you are planning a special occasion, please fill in an order form (below) and we will contact you when your order is ready for collection. For larger orders, delivery can be arranged.
We also stock some frozen produce. For more details please ask.

Please note that some of our wild sourced game has seasonal restrictions.
This will affect mainly our feathered game supply. We will have some frozen stock available for purchase during this time. For more information on these restrictions click here for deer and here for birds. Thank you.